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Outdoor Sports Store – SHS Outfitters

The outdoors are man’s greatest inheritance from mother nature. Whether we are camping, mountaineering, trekking, big-game hunting, canyoneering or out doing water sports – kayaking, kanoeing, paddleboarding, the outdoors provide us with a unique, challenging and highly rewarding experience.

With few exceptions, however, these sports tend to take us to harsh, isolated environments and can also expose us to unpredictable weather, wildlife and uncommon demands both physically and mentally. To enjoy our sports safely, therefore, self-reliance becomes imperative.

In order to be as self-reliant as possible, maximise our enjoyment and ensure that we remain out of harm’s way, having high-quality, reliable equipment at our disposal is absolutely essential. Just as suitable, adequate, high-performing gear can enhance our experience in the outdoors, the poor, unsuitable or inadequate kind can make our adventures altogether less enjoyable and expose us to a host of unnecessary and avoidable dangers.

Being an experienced outdoorsman and having travelled the world in the pursuit of my adventures, I have come to appreciate the value of durable, lightweight, user-friendly, well-made and well-designed gear for each of the abovementioned sports. My awareness of just how hard it can be to find that gear has been my inspiration and motivation in setting out to create an online outdoor gear store that reflects these values and offers only the best equipment and supplies available.

I call it SHS Outfitters.

Some of the top quality bands you can find in my online store include Harris Engineering, Katadyn, Kenetrek, Leupold, Minus33, Neos, Optimus, Primus, Vaude, Rab, Scarpa, Scent Blocker, Schmidt & Bender, Sitka Gear, Tipton, Vero Vellini, Warne, Kryptek, Badlands, Zeiss, MSR and many more.

I invite you to explore my selection of premium, top-of-the-range equipment and all other necessities you might require for hunting, mountaineering, trekking, camping, canyoneering, tactical simulation, water sports and just about any other outdoor adventure you might be getting up to, all at discounted prices!

Welcome to SHS Outfitters, where quality and value come first!

Enjoy shopping
Sergei Shushunov