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Flashlights for Hunting Trips

A flashlight is one of the most important tools while in the wilderness. When it comes to safety, one piece of hunting gear is a reliable, best quality LED flashlight.

Several characteristics separate professional quality hunting flashlights from your everyday utility flashlight. Low quality lights use inefficient poor quality incandescent bulbs, which drains batteries fast and add extra weight. LED technology really is the best option for use on a hunting trip. High-intensity LED bulbs produce brighter and stronger light. They have tens of times longer bulb life and a lot longer battery life, making them more energy efficient and less expensive to operate.

Hunting flashlights may come with different LED light colors to help preserve night vision.
Hunting LED flashlights often offer dimming and strobe functions that can be used in emergencies.

STREAMLIGHT polystinger flashlight with AC charger
Lightweight, powerful, safety-rated, rechargeable flashlight with super-tough, non-conductive nylon ..
135.00$ 108.00$