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MSR WindBurner® Accessory Pots 1.8LTR

  • Brand: MSR
  • Model Code: 05801
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Increase the versatility of your WindBurner stove system.

For backcountry or weekend trips involving more than 1-2 people, WindBurner accessory pots let you share a fast-boiled cup of soup or coffee with friends, and add more versatility to minimalist camp cooking. Available in both 1.0L and 1.8L sizes, these hard-anodized aluminum pots feature a built-in heat exchanger that efficiently transfers the stove’s radiant heat. The pots can also serve as personal eat-and-drink vessels and come complete with a clear, BPA-free drinking and strainer lid, a pot cozy, extra bowl and a canister stand.Compatible exclusively with the WindBurner Stove.

Color Blue  
Weight (Standard) 13oz  
Weight (Metric) 0.37 kg  
DisplayWeight (Standard) 12.3oz  
Volume (Metric) 1.8 liters  
Compatible with MSR WindBurner stove only  
Country of Origin Made in Thailand  
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