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MSR women's ightning ascent snowshoes

  • Brand: MSR
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What began as a solution for women has become the top choice of anyone with a narrow gait, or those seeking the lightest possible alternative in this aggressive snowshoe. We engineered our Women’s 360° Traction™ frames in conjunction with a renowned expert in athletic biomechanics, resulting in a lower-profile frame that saves weight and improves agility with narrow gaits. Paired with our PosiLock™ AT bindings to create our most secure attachment, new tougher decking, and the easily engaged Ergo™ Televators, they’ll back you up with every step.
  • Unrivaled Traction: 360° Traction frames deliver edge-to-edge grip, and split teeth of Torsion2™ crampons better distribute forces for more continuous contact—delivering unmatched traction on any terrain, in any conditions.
  • Secure Attachment: Two-piece, independently conforming PosiLock™ AT bindings create our most secure, freeze-resistant attachment, regardless of footwear.
  • All-Condition Adaptability: Add-on Modular Flotation tails allow you the maneuverability of a smaller, primary snowshoe with the added, on-demand flotation of optional, 5-inch (13-cm) tails.
  • Uphill Efficiency: Ergo™ Televators reduce fatigue and increase traction on the steeps with an ergonomic design that engages with a flick of a pole grip.
  • Low-Profile: Narrow frames are ideal for women, those with a narrow gait, or anyone seeking the lightest snowshoe possible.

    22 in

    25 in

    Weight per pair

    3 lbs 9 oz/1.62 kg

    3 lbs 12 oz /1.7 kg


    7.25 in/18 cm

    7.25 in/18 cm


    22 in/56 cm

    25 in/64 cm

    Binding type







    Women’s /narrow


    Footwear size range

    4.5 W-14 W/35.5-48

    4.5 W-14 W/35.5-48


    Up to 180 lbs/80 kg

    120-210 lbs/54-95 kg

    Load w/ tails

    Up to 240 lbs/109 kg

    120-270 lbs/54-123 kg


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