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BADLANDS Approach Camo Groove Belt

  • Brand: Badlands
  • Model Code: 7345889280192
  • Availability: 10

You know we love a good magnet here at Badlands, so a collaboration with Groove Life® just made sense. Designed with ultimate comfort and convenience in mind, the Badlands® Approach Camo Groove Belt™ has just the right amount of stretch without sacrificing its pant-hold-up-redness (yes we just invented a new word). Best of all, the high-tech neodymium magnets in the buckle are quick, secure, and just flat-out awesome. Perfect for the hunt or everyday life, you’ll never go back to boring old belts again.

**DO NOT wear if you have a pacemaker or other medical device affected by magnetic fields.

Key Features:

  • One Size Fits Most (Trim to Size)
  • Stretch Belt for Comfort
  • Rare Earth Neodymium Magnetic Buckle
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