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BADLANDS Skarn Boot Gaiter

  • Brand: Badlands
  • Model Code: 6556608725184
  • Availability: 10

Have you ever suffered from RIB (Rock in Boot)? You’re stalking your prey, when a chunk of the mountain decides to lodge itself right into your footbed. You scream out in pain and the animal bolts... it’s a tale as old as time. Destroy RIB Syndrome with the Badlands Skarn Gaiter. Designed for shorter boots, they're lightweight and tough, with enough coverage to effectively close off the opening of your boots. Hike comfortably, climb higher, and hunt longer.

Recommended sizing – Men’s 6-9 = Medium, Men’s 10+ = Large


  • Water Resistant
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Simple, Lightweight, Comfortable Design
  • 4-Way Stretch Design
  • Adjustable BootStrap
  • Lace Hooks
  • Color: Mud
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