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MOJO Mallard Drake multi remote

  • Brand: Mojo decoys
  • Model Code: HW2111
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
The Mojo Multi-Cycle Remote Control is similar to the Mojo Remote Control Kit for motorized decoys. It is simple to use and adds a very real sense of movement to your motorized decoy. By varying the cycles of automatic on/off operation, it provides a lifelike simulation of multiple ducks landing one after another.


- The timing of the wing's flapping can be adjusted to 5 different settings: (1) Steady On (2) 16 seconds on / 6 seconds off (3) 6 seconds on / 16 seconds off (4) 20 seconds on / 10 seconds off (5) 2 seconds on / 20 seconds off
- The remote will turn decoys on or off at a range off up to 350'
- The unit operates on the same rechargeable battery that powers the decoy and comes pre-wired for easy installation in the various Mojo decoys

Note: Mojo remote controls do not operate satisfactorily on dry cell lantern type batteries. Use 6-volt rechargeable Mojo batteries.
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