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TANGLEFREE Flight Specklebelly Floater Decoys 6 Pack

  • Brand: Tanglefree
  • Model Code: FSD7000
  • Availability: 10

For a lot of hunters, the Whitefront goose marks the start of the Migration. And not long ago many hunters had to travel to specific regions to harvest the Speckelbelly. But now with an enormous expansion of the Speck population adding Speck decoys to your everyday water spread just makes sense. Luckily for you here in the Sacramento Valley, we take our Special Belly hunting seriously. This is a unique one-piece mold done by Michael Braun, with the correct posture, size, and paint scheme for the Speck.


  • Carved by Michael Braun
  • Ultra Realistic Paint Schemes and Feather Detail
  • Weighted keel
  • Packaged per 6 (3 Actives, 3 Resters)


  • Active: 19"
  • Rester: 19.5"
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