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HARMON GAME CALLS Doe Pee Rub On Scent Stick

A 3-ounce solid rub-on scent stick with Harmon's Doe Pee urines added. There is no stronger rub-on scent than Harmon's Scent Stick. This scent has a calming effect so Does and Bucks just walk around it and are not on alert, and think other does are in the area and continue to feed and play.

It is a compact, all in one rub-on lure that doesn't spill or leak, and it stays fresh for up to 2 years. This rub-on is sure to attract that Does and Bucks. It applies easily and is effective for a variety of hunting uses. It can be rubbed on brush, trees, bottom of boots, leaves of trees, drag rags, scent wicks, leaves over a scrape, and decoys.

Scent Stick is a compact, all-in-one rub-on lure that doesn't spill, shatter, leak, stays fresh for up to two years. It applies easily and is effective for a variety of hunting uses.

- Attractant or Wick: Placed on rock or tree crevice with cap off
- Active Rub: Applied directly to rub sites
- Trail: Applied to brush or trees or use cap to leave thin shavings along the trail

To stay safe, never put this product on your clothes or your skin. Remember that you are hunting wild animals. Please keep out of reach of children.
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