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REDDING Ultramag single stage reloading press

  • Brand: Redding
  • Model Code: 70000
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
533.25$ 373.28$
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The largest and strongest press available for the toughest reloading chores. Unlike other reloading presses which connect the linkage to the lower half of the press, the ultramag’s leverage system is connected to the top of the press frame. This feature allows to develop  tons of pressure without the usual concern about press frame deflection or misalignment. The ultramag features a huge 4-3/4” frame opening and 4-1/8” of usable ram stroke, making it ideal for loading over- sized cartridges such as the old Sharps “Buffalo Cartridges” and British “Nitro-Express” rounds. Its unique long link compound leverage system has more mechanical advantage over a greater distance than any other reloading press on the market. This makes “childs play” of difficult case forming operations.

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