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BUCK KNIVES 8790 Matt Would Go

  • Brand: Buck knives
  • Model Code: 0245MCSMWG
  • Availability: Not available
The 245 MWG represents a partnership between Buck Knives and Tim Leathers, father of Navy SEAL, Matt Leathers. Designed and created by Matt Leathers, the MWG is a tough and durable tool with a well-balanced construction. As a highly decorated SEAL, Matt Leathers had a reputation for never turning down a mission. In fact, his fellow SEALS knew that when a call to duty arrived, Matt would go. So came the name that honors the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training class 245 graduate, and one of the top Operators in the SEAL organization who was lost at sea in 2013.
During his nine years with the US Navy SEALS, Matthew used many knives, but none that held up to his standards. He decided the only way to find a knife that met his criteria, was to build it himself. The determined Matt designed a knife that became a favorite among fellow SEALS. Buck entered into agreement with Matts father to create the exact knife that Matt designed. The MWG is easily carried in a custom kydex sheath, and extreme enough for any hard core task. Featuring secure and comfortable Micarta layup handles, 5160 spring steel, and a coated blade for corrosion resistance, the MWG is ready for any mission. - Matthew J. Leathers, U.S. NAVY SEAL, 1979-2013


- 5160 spring steel blade
- BERRY compliant
- Kydex sheath designed with low Infrared (IR) signature
- Custom Micarta layup handles
- Includes TEK-LOK belt clip
- Lightweight construction
- Forever Warranty
- Made in the USA


- Overall Length: 9" (22.9 cm)
- Weight (without sheath): 6.3 oz. (178.6 g)
- Weight (with sheath): 9.5 oz. (269.3 g)
- Blade: 4" (10.2 cm), 5160 steel coated for corrosion resistance
- Handle: Custom multi-color Micarta
- Sheath: Textured Kydex sheath with TEK-LOK belt clip for customizable carry
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