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John Fitch D2 steel hand forged hunting knife

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John Fitch, with his 20 years of experience as a knife smith, is a multiple winner a "sharpest knife contest" in the ABS open competition. He was placed the second and the third in a world championship for the sharpest knife competition.

The knife we are offering is the fine example of John's work. The carbon blade knife is hand forged from 5160 steel. After the blade is forged at 1800 Fº and hardened at 1400 Fº, it is tempered at 400 Fº for one hour. This gives he blade a Rockwell hardness of 56 to 58, which makes it strong and flexible, and easy to sharpen. It has excellent toughness, good flexibility and shock resistance. The handle is stabilized curly maple, walnut, or ironwood.

 The key feature of the knife is an integral bolster. This makes the knife much more durable and eliminates the danger of it rusting in the most vulnerable spot between the blade and the guard. Making an integral bolster is a time consuming process, thus not many knife makers bother to make knives this way. There were only 15 of these knives ever made. Each blade has a Russian Hunting Agency logo etched on it. The sheath is made by Dave Smith, one of the better sheath makers in the country. He supplies sheaths for such masters as James Crowell, Joe Flournoy, Harvey Dean, John Smith, David Anders, Jerry Fisk and others.

This John Fitch knife is a tough, sharp comfortable, and a practical cutting tool.

Limited edition of 12 

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