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TANGLEFREE Pro Series Mallard Combo Pack 6 Pack

  • Brand: Tanglefree
  • Model Code: D9103
  • Availability: 10
  • Size Skimmer (17.5" Tail to Bill)
  • Size Sleeper (16" Tail to Bill)
  • Size Feeder (Butt) (8.75" Tall, 6.75" Wide)
  • Weighted Keel
  • Packaged Per 6 (1 Skimmer Drake & Hen, 1 Sleeper Drake & Hen, 1 Feeder (Butt) Drake & Hen)

Introducing the Pro Series Mallard Decoy Combo Pack, the ultimate solution for waterfowl duck hunters looking to enhance their decoy spread and attract mallard ducks with unparalleled precision. This meticulously crafted combo pack includes a set of high-quality decoys, each designed to mimic the natural appearance and behavior of mallard ducks.

Size Skimmer (17.5" Tail to Bill): The lifelike proportions of the Skimmer decoys make them stand out among the flock, attracting mallard ducks with their realistic size and detailing.

Size Sleeper (16" Tail to Bill): The Sleeper decoys replicate the relaxed posture of resting mallard ducks, creating a sense of safety and inviting nearby ducks to join the tranquil scene.

Size Feeder (Butt) (8.75" Tall, 6.75" Wide): The Feeder (Butt) decoys accurately portray mallard ducks in a feeding position, luring other ducks by simulating a natural feeding behavior within your decoy spread.

Weighted Keel: Equipped with a weighted keel, these decoys provide stability even in challenging water conditions, ensuring they remain securely anchored and maintain their realistic positioning.

Packaged Per 6: Each combo pack includes six decoys: one Skimmer Drake & Hen, one Sleeper Drake & Hen, and one Feeder (Butt) Drake & Hen. This generous quantity allows you to create a comprehensive and enticing decoy spread, greatly increasing your chances of attracting mallard ducks.

This Pro Series Mallard Decoy Combo Pack is designed specifically for waterfowl duck hunters who are dedicated to achieving optimal results in their hunting expeditions. By strategically placing these lifelike decoys in your hunting area, you can effectively entice mallard ducks to approach your decoy spread, creating an irresistible visual attraction. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail and constructed from high-quality materials, these decoys withstand the rigors of hunting environments while maintaining their realistic appearance.

Upgrade your waterfowl hunting game with the Pro Series Mallard Decoy Combo Pack and experience a new level of success. Invest in this premium combo pack today and maximize your chances of drawing mallard ducks closer, increasing your opportunities for a memorable and successful hunting season.

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