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MOJO DECOYS Super mojo mallard

  • Brand: Mojo decoys
  • Model Code: HW5111
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

The best has gotten better! The Super Mojo Mallard still has all the great top quality features that serious hunters demand as well as some awesome features that make the Super Mojo impossible to resist to passing waterfowl and even more convenient for the hunter. The Super Mojo Mallard features a aluminum construction folding wing in an offset posture. While spinning, the offset wing design is more realistic than anything ever seen on the market before, and more importantly, in the field. The folding wing design makes deployment or pick-up of your decoy up to four times faster than before. In addition, the Super Mojo Mallard has a built-in three position switch that allows the user to select the off position, the continuous on position, or the intermittent on/off position whereas the wings spin intermittently as it cycles through five different on/off sequences. Coupled with the offset design of the wing, it's unlike anything those cagey old mallards have ever seen before. It is unbelievably effective on spooky or late season "Educated" ducks and is fully remote control compatible straight from the factory. The Super Mojo Mallard is the absolute highest quality, most effective decoy made by anybody, anywhere...period. If the best is what you want, this is your boy... the Super Mojo Mallard.


- Features an aluminum folding wing design
- Makes deployment of your Mojo 4x faster
- The highest quality and most effective decoy anywhere
- 3 different spinning wing settings

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