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TANGLEFREE Migration Edition Mallard Drake Combo Pack - Fully Flocked

  • Brand: Tanglefree
  • Model Code: D1400DFF
  • Availability: 10

Introducing the Migration Edition Mallard Decoy Drake Combo Pack Fully Flocked – the ultimate companion for waterfowl duck hunters who are serious about their craft. Designed to enhance your decoy spread and attract mallard ducks, this combo pack is meticulously crafted with a range of features to maximize your hunting success.

Key Features:
  • Weighted Keel: Ensures stability and natural movement in the water
  • Foam Filled: Provides excellent buoyancy and durability
  • Magnum Size: Increased visibility and realism to catch distant mallard ducks' attention
  • Aqua Keel Option: Adjusts the depth at which the decoys float for a versatile setup
  • Packaged Per 6: Includes two upright drakes, two rester drakes, and two skimmer drakes

This product is specifically tailored to waterfowl duck hunters seeking a premium decoy solution. It is ideal for attracting mallard ducks and enhancing the realism of your decoy spread. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner, the Migration Edition Mallard Decoy Drake Combo Pack will elevate your hunting experience and increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Invest in this meticulously crafted combo pack, and watch as mallard ducks are irresistibly drawn to your decoy spread. Elevate your waterfowl hunting game with the Migration Edition Mallard Decoy Drake Combo Pack Fully Flocked. Order now and experience the thrill of a highly effective decoy setup!

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