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TANGLEFREE Migration Edition Mallard Combo Pack - Flocked Head & Tail

  • Brand: Tanglefree
  • Model Code: D1400B
  • Availability: 10
  • Weighted Keel
  • Foam Filled
  • Magnum Size
  • Aqua Keel Option
  • Packaged Per 6 (2 Upright Drakes, 1 Rester Drake, 1 Skimmer Drake, 2 Relaxed Hens)

Capture the attention of mallard ducks and take your waterfowl hunting experience to the next level with our meticulously crafted Mallard Decoy Combo Pack. Designed with the needs of duck hunters in mind, this pack combines the essential features required for a successful hunt.

  • Weighted Keel ensures stability and realism in the water.
  • Foam Filled for superior durability and buoyancy.
  • Magnum Size creates a commanding presence, attracting ducks from afar.
  • The Aqua Keel Option allows depth adjustment for a versatile decoy spread.
  • Packaged Per 6 with a diverse combination for maximum impact.
Intended Use:

Who should use the Migration Edition Mallard Decoy Combo Pack? This product is specifically tailored for waterfowl duck hunters who strive for unmatched realism and increased hunting success. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a passionate beginner, these decoys will significantly enhance your decoy spread's effectiveness and entice mallard ducks to come within range.

To use the decoys, carefully position them in your desired hunting area, mimicking the natural behavior and positioning of live mallard ducks. Combine different postures and positions from the combo pack to create an authentic and enticing decoy spread that will lure in mallard ducks with ease.

Invest in the Migration Edition Mallard Decoy Combo Pack Flocked Head & Tail today and experience the thrill of a successful waterfowl hunting adventure like never before. Your decoy spread will be irresistible to mallard ducks, ensuring memorable hunts and unforgettable moments. Get ready to take your waterfowl hunting to new heights with this exceptional combo pack!

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