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TANGLEFREE Snow Goose Floater

  • Brand: Tanglefree
  • Model Code: D4402
  • Availability: 10
Fact… Blue & Snow Goose Floaters will help you kill more waterfowl. These decoys in open water provide the greatest level of long-distance visibility than any waterfowl species. Even with a small spread of these mid-sized goose decoys, the color will pop off the water to provide a curious target for fowl to see from miles away. Except every penny's worth of enjoyment from these decoys designed by an award-winning decoy artist and constructed to provide many years of punishing service.
  • Size 20" Tail to Bill
  • Created by Master Carver Don Mintz
  • 1 Piece Design
  • Lifelike Feather Detail and Realism
  • Packaged Per 4
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