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GERBER BLADES Moment Field Dress Kit III, Blister

  • Brand: Gerber
  • Model Code: 31-002683
  • Availability: Not available
The Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit III includes the Moment Fixed Blade Saw, the Moment Fixed Blade Gut Hook, the Moment Bone Spreader and the Moment Small Fixed Blade Caping Knife, all housed within an easily stored cloth sheath.

Blunt hooked tip and simple structure, lets the smart Moment Fixed Blade Saw make the work of dressing big game wonderfully efficient. The serrations of the saw in tandem with the ergonomically grippy T-handle, the Moment Fixed Blade Saw makes short work of getting through even the most challenging parts of the animal. Easily maintain your line with the saw's innovative hook tip, which keeps the saw positioned in the groove during the process. Risk of breaking the bladder or intestines virtually disappears with the hook tip, ensuring the meat will not be harmed in the dressing process.

The practical blade with gut hook offers full tang construction and an ergonomic handle that inspires confidence when tackling the varied demands of cleaning game. Practiced users and beginners alike will appreciate the added utility of its gut hook feature. The hook feature simplifies the field dressing process by letting you open an animal efficiently and without risk of slicing into the intestine or other organs. The fine edge blade is adept at everything from making small incisions to opening the sternum on your next whitetail.

The small Fixed Blade Caping Knife has the same muscular full tang construction as the larger knife, but its finer point and smaller scale are suited to working with smaller game, cutting directly along leg bones and doing detail-oriented work on animals of all sizes.

To help make sure these task-specific knives are always at the ready, the sheath offers side-by-side storage. You can strap it to a belt or simply keep it stored in your pack. Either way, the snap closure keeps the knives secure until you need them.


- Three-knife kit for dedicated cleaning and dressing of game
- Textured rubber handles
- Full tang, fixed blade construction
- Glass bead blade finish for low reflectivity
- Fine edge blades sharpen easily on the go
- Pommels with lanyard holes
- Balanced feel and comfortable grip


- Overall length: 9.1"
- Total weight: 18.56 oz.

- Overall Length: 7.5"
- Blade Length: 5.0"
- Weight: 3.0 oz.
- Blade Material: SK5 steel
- Handle Material: Nylon core with rubber over-mold

Knife with Gut Hook:
- Overall Length: 8.6"
- Blade Length: 3.6"
- Weight: 7.2 oz.
- Steel Type: 5Cr15MoV
- Handle Material: Nylon core with rubber over-mold

Small Caping Knife:
- Overall Length: 7.1"
- Blade Length: 3.2"
- Weight: 2.2 oz.
- Steel Type: 5Cr15MoV
- Handle Material: Nylon core with rubber over-mold
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