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  • Brand: Gerber
  • Model Code: 31-002651
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One of the benefits of the 23.5" Axe is its solid, easy swing. Coupled with a super-sharp blade made of hardened forged steel possessing excellent edge retention, this axe will chop up to three times deeper than average and provide for greater productivity, which spells out savings in time, effort, and strain on the body of its operator. The tactile grip of the nylon handle contributes to relief of body strain, too, as well as improved control during each swing.

The 23.5" Axe, given its light heft and ultra-sharp edge, works equally well to de-limb branches and clear brush. Coated with a low-friction surface, the blade of this axe slices through wood without sticking, while its well-engineered head splits wood cleanly. Built to last, the 23.5" Axe has a tough glass-filled nylon handle with a comfortable, grippable soft touch over-mold and a stainless steel blade that is hardened and forged, equating to edge retention that well out-paces traditional axe blades.


- Forged steel head
- Excellent edge retention
- Composite handle is extremely durable and lightweight


- Overall length: 23.6"
- Blade length: 3.5"
- Weight: 53.6 oz.
- Head: Forged steel
- Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon
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